17 Little Facts about Justin Bieber!!!

Do you think guys that do you know already who is Justin Beiber really is? Check this out the 17 Little Facts that you should know about Justin Beiber.
  1. He can’t keep his shirt on - Nope,he doesn’t just for the posters we love to cover our bedrooms with. The director of Justin’s debut film Justin Bieber: Never Say Never, Jon Chu claimed that he had to make the Biebs cover up more than a few times during filming. In Jon Chu’s own words,”He loves to run around with his shirt off all the time”. I’m even more down for some downtime with Justin now!
  2. Justin the Speed Signer- Justin has once signed FIFTY posters in THREE minutes. Perhaps that’s some kinda record…
  3. Justin LOVES pranks -He is always pulling silly pranks on his friends and family. Example? While on tour, he filled his tourmate, Sean Kingston’s tour bus with Sour Patch Kids candy. Another time, Justin’s D.J., Tay James and him were attacking each other with liquid hand soap…and laughing hard the whole time. The Bieb’s General Manager, Allison Kaye commented on the prankster too, saying “He pranks us! I do not pick up a call from a blocked number past midnight, period. Never.” Justin can’t stand a dull moment, and keeps everybody laughing during tours with his sense of humor, bag of jokes and pranks.
  4. …But he tells bad jokes - Oh, yes his pranks are legendary…but his punch lines could use a little work. Justin’s Bodyguard, Kenny Hamilton (who went on tour with Justin, witnessed and endured his relentless pranking) says that “He is the worse joke-teller ever!”, but isn’t trash-talking, the two get along well and are friends…after all, think of all the time Bieber and Hamilton must spend together.
  5. He hates hate - He loves everyone, but hates ignorance,racism,sexism, and all prejudice. I would have guessed this one with Justin having such a heart of gold and being so charitable. He donated about $1million USD to relief efforts in Japan, to aid in healing in the aftershock in the tragic earthquake, tsunami and the nuclear power plant leak that occurred in March,2011. Catch up on all he did for Japan by checking out our own article “Justin has a heart of gold for Japan!”. Justin also makes sure than any product he puts his name on has a percentage of profits that aid a charity or non-profit organization.
  6. Justin just laughs at rumors-Just like I mentioned, Justin schedule is way too jam-packed with concerts, events, charities, and finding a little downtime for his friends, family, and love interest, miss Selena Gomez to care about the ridiculous rumors that spread. He just laughs at them, and never takes anything a hater has to say to heart.
  7. He has had braces!- But no one could ever tell. Justin wore invisible braces, and after that a retainer.
  8. Justin is somewhat of a health nut - The true secret to the famed six-pack lies in his diet. He never denies himself food, and occasionally indulges in fast food but has a pretty healthy diet. What an artist eats and drinks can have an effect on their voice too, but his voice coach Jan Smith gives him an A for his healthy diet. In Smith’s own words, “He eats healthy.He doesn’t eat a lot of junk food.
  9. He is (extremely) proud of his Canadian heritage- Most die-hard Justin Bieber fans, or “Beilebers” already know that Justin is 100% Canadian, and respond with an eye-roll or out loud“duh!”. But the extent of his pride is what I’m talking about. Every chance he can get, he give a “shout out” to his homeland! He reportedly loves things that came from Canada, and are popular in the U.S. The list includes the ever popular, and delicious Tim Horton’s Coffee (see their site has two options, Canadian (In English or French), and another for the United States.) trends like, Sabian cymbals, Cement necklaces and the popular band, The Tragically Hip.
  10. J.B. can speak (and sing in) French- As many Canadians do… and we mentioned in Fact 5, he has got that Canadian Pride. During an acoustic show in France, he performed his hit, “One Less Lonley Girl” in French. And they loved it! In the words of somebody who attended the French show, “As soon as he broke into French, the place erupted!”
  11. Close Encounters- Justin went camping at age six,and had a close encounter with danger…and a bear. He was only 15 feet away from the bear! Little Justin must have had good boy scouting skills, or have been oblivious to the dangers of a bear because of his young age. I think most fans and readers of our blog would agree with me, and say in that situation they would be scared, and instinctively scream!
  12. Justin loves his Segway- Especially before he had his driver’s permit and licence, but he still does. His tour opener, Iyaz has commented on The Beib’s and his Segway, saying that “We race on the Segways, and we once took off into traffic and went to McDonald’s”, continuing on that “Most concert venues are basketball courts, so we even play ball on them!”. He’s also been spotted with his Segway going through a drive-thru at a Burger King with a friend, and playing around at tour venue, among other places.
  13. He has a personal motto- Simple and heartwarming. What is it? “Family First”.
  14. Justin was a (very) young fan of music- That may not be surprising, due to his seemingly limitless talent. But guess what his very first music album was? An album that featured songs from the the ever popular, young children’s show, Barney and Friends.
  15. He’s a true Romantic- A lot of artists, especially pop music stars, do not write all or any or their songs…and that’s not something they like to advertise. Justin Bieber on the other hand is a “singer-songwriter”, meaning that he not only has talent when it comes to recording tracks, and performing his songs but he writes them as well. That is something to acknowledge for any artist. In my opinion, a lot more passion and feeling comes through the music of artists that write and perform their own songs, as opposed to those who only perform/record them. That said, you can tell Justin is a true romantic just by reading his lyrics and remembering that they came straight from his heart. His manager, Scooter Braun, agrees. In Braun’s own words, “The kid is a die-hard romantic, He doesn’t just write about puppy love, he belives in it [true love].”
  16. If he had one wish…- Once, Justin was asked what he would do if he could do anything. His answer? “If I could do anything I’d probably go to space with Chuck Norris”. What a crazy dream!
  17. Justin’s 1st visit to the U.K.- When Justin first visited the U.K., he ate three (!) Krispy Kreme doughnuts in a single sitting. He also picked up a bit on the lingo there, his favorite common British words/sayings are “Brilliant” (used in place of words such as ”cool”, or rad”) and “Geezer”, because it sounds pretty silly.
Off to Justin Bieber's Scandal. Just take a glimpse on the good side and image of Justin Bieber :)


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